Friday, 22 May 2015

But It's Miiiiine!!

"C'mon Pallavi, be a little giving. After all it's only an object. You can get many more of those". 
Countless times, throughout the years while growing up, I'm sure all of us have heard this sentence (replacing my name with yours, of course). Maybe it was a toy, or a dress, or heaven forbid a book! Whatever it may have been, somewhere along the way we have been urged by the adults around us to let go of it. Maybe for a noble reason, or for a humble reason, or for a reason which is still a mystery to us.  We were asked to let go, to long for the joy it gave us but to never experience it again, to possibly never use it again and to give it up. In that moment, when we were trying to think of a clever yet justified reason through which we could still keep it with us, our hands involuntarily clutched it tighter. Clutched it so hard that our knuckles turned white. It was automatic, something which we weren't actively thinking about but was still happening, and with considerable strength. 
This was - and possibly still is - our body's involuntary reaction when we were asked to let go and give up a part of ourselves. 
I suppose becoming someone's friend or loving someone is not entirely different from this. To connect to another person and to allow ourselves to open up we often have to let go a little. Let go of our insecurities, our secrets, our thoughts, our experiences and much much more. It is truly a daunting task. At first we don't want to do any of the above and we hold our emotions and our very essence very close to our hearts. We are terrified of getting hurt.  But little by little the person bedazzles us, surprises us, makes us laugh, and eventually, we take a leap of faith and open up to the person. Sometimes it fails, sometimes we get hurt, sometimes we feel so so stupid. But, sometimes we may even get a little part of them in return. And sometimes the bond that we make with that person becomes the one we cherish the most and rely on the most. It becomes the most important one in our lives, and in their lives too. 
It's just a matter of taking a leap of faith and letting go. 
Since birth, our bodies resist this awful and foreign notion of 'letting go'. We fight against it with our every tooth and nail. Maybe, a day will come, or rather a someone will come who will make us think twice before absolutely rejecting this notion. 
Yes, everyone is afraid of failing and getting hurt. But by taking this leap of faith on that someone, we may get such a blinding, iridescent happiness in our lives, that it makes the daunting task of letting go worth it.

Are you ready to take that leap of faith?

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