Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Little Things


Oh, That's Not Important - Or Is It? 

 It's the little things that matter in life. The little things that influence our decisions, that change the way we think, that change our lives. The smallest things can make or brake our days. They can become the best days ever, or can degrade to the worst day in the history of time. The smallest things can effect our mood. 
The smallest mosquito bite can fry off every nerve ending present in our body and can make us irritable or at the least distracted. Or even the briefest sweet comment from from our friends can make us happy.
Although the big events do matter, it's the seemingly inconsequential moments that make up the very essence of who we are as a person. These moments usually sneak up on us. We never realise that it's happened, that something, everything, has changed till the aftermath . When we'll be old and wrinkly and a little senile, we'll look back on our lives and realise that it was that small, split second decision that led us to where we are today. It is also these little things that build up over time and transform into the big things. That's how our lives change. It's that unexpected hug, that unintentional brush of the hands, that horrible horribly vindictive comment that just slipped out, that sudden trip that makes you fall flat on your face and that blooming smile directed at you. These moments, these memories are what you have in the end. They are what you remember at the end of the day. They are the things you think about at night. They are the thoughts that give you hope in an impossible situation or they are the memories responsible for the tears in your eyes.

What I'm trying to say is that every little thing matters. Every person, every memory, every thought and every feeling matters. It is what defines us in the end. Each relationship effects us (even the failed ones). They may be amazing ones or they may be the worst mistakes of our lives, but in the end they give us experiences that are invaluable. Memories build up on each other and make up the sum total as who we are.

Have you ever wondered, that person sitting at the back of the class, you know? The quiet one? Who doesn't really talk much? Did you ever wonder how they came to be who they are? Why they would rather be alone and not with people? Perhaps when they were around people, they were made fun of. Or considered not good enough.
That girl, that extremely clingy girl who sometimes (always) annoys you with her neediness. Why do you think she is that way? Why is it that she is desperate to feel important? Has she perhaps always felt neglected and so always tries to make herself important?
That guy, you know, that guy. The casanova. The one who rolls pick up lines off of his tongue as easily as he breaths. The one who's seen with a new girl every other day. Why do you think he has the ability to not get emotionally attached?
And ohh! That person whom you would push off a cliff if you could. That if they breathe in your direction you think it's a provocation to your very soul. Why exactly do you think they hate you? Did you do something to them? Or were they just programmed to make your life a living hell? (not)

Point is everything matters. In our lives. And in others' lives too.
That person who's really mad at you right now? All they want is two words, 'I'm sorry'. Seriously, just try it. Just say it. I know that sometimes it's the hardest thing to in the world. To admit that you were wrong and that all of this is your fault. It's hard. But once you say it, the seemingly two most useless words in the whole of English language, because what you did couldn't possibly be fixed by them, That they aren't possibly enough. Just say it. Because once you say it, you'll feel impossibly better, and your friend, whom you just said this to will too. Even if it isn't quite enough, start small, and then work up.

That friend who's having an absolutely hellish time right now because of whatever that's troubling her. You have no way of making it better for her. It's not in your hands. True. But that doesn't mean that you can't make it better for them. That single smile or that almost laugh you manage to draw out of them in their time of misery, that right there might give them the strength, the motivation to face their problems. Or may even give them that sense of happiness they so needed. It will make it easier on them. Trust me, However inconsequential you feel your actions are, they will definitely make a difference.

Be nice to people. Try not to judge them before you know them. Try to understand because what you think is right may not be right for them. And just do the things. The little things. The things you see no one else doing for them, that need to be done. Take that step, that extra step. And care. Care for them truly and deeply and without inhibitions. Because everything you do for them, everything from wishing them on their birthdays to just being there for them and listening, will help them. Immensely.
And I guarantee it, someone will do it for you too.
And you never know, it might even change your life.



  1. This is so amazing and so effing true!
    I loved it whole, but the fourth paragraph especially is worth quoting :)

    1. As weird as this is, I just saw this comment..:p
      Thanks so so much Ishi!! 😘😘😘

  2. This is amazing and true. :') can't really say enough.

    1. Thanks di! Means a lot to hear you say that ❤️😘